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About Olive Oil

It is widely known that the consumption of olive oil plays an important role in our lives. Hundreds of researches have stressed the abovementioned role. One of the most famous studies was that performed by seven countries and 16 parties in the 1950s. The cretan party drew most of the participants attention due to its spectacular results. Specifically the cretan party proves that Cretan nutrition is one of the healthiest involved in the study due to the fact that is based on the extensive use if olive oil. It has been proved that the olive oil has a natural antioxidant action which helps in cancer prevention. It also reduces bad cholesterol in the blood, there for protects the human body from heart disease. Furthermore, it is able to lower the blood pressure, thus reducing the number of possible strokes. In addition a part of those above mentioned properties, olive oil is also ideal for those who suffer from diabetes.

Having taken all its impressive properties into account as well as the fact that cretan population use extensively olive oil. The world Health organization ranked the Cretan people as those who have the lowest death–rate, that is 70% lower than other people in the world.

The Secret Of Cretan Longevity

Anzel Keys' renowned study of seven countries, which was published in 1980, revealed that the health level of Cretans was the highest in the world. Cancers and cardio-circulatory disease were rare, since out of 100.000 people on Crete, there were only 9 deaths attributed to these diseases as opposed to 466 in Finland.

It was further proven that this was largely due to the dietary habits of the Cretan people, whose basic ingredient is olive oil. This, therefore, is the secret of longevity amongst Cretans!

History about Olive Oil in Crete-Greece

Suggested by international medical institutions, Cretan diet is considered to be of high nutritional value since it encourages the good functioning of the human body , The main ingredient of this diet is the exceptional, our olive oil which is highly produced on the island. The north part of Mylopotamos is an area situated on the north coast of the island . it belongs to the muncicipality of Rethymno and according to the legend, the king of gods, Zeus, grew old there.

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